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Being a Part of the h888皇冠app下载 Family

A multi-generational legacy driven by meaningful relationships


Since 1980, Forest Hills Financial Group has attracted and cultivated the nation’s top advisors, who deliver extraordinary results and consistently exceed client expectations. At h888皇冠app下载, advisors enjoy the benefits of a large company—exclusive resources, extensive industry knowledge, and a vast network—in a close-knit, family-oriented environment.

Our expanding roots. Nat Perlmutter, h888皇冠app下载’s founder and CEO, works side by side with his daughter, Andie, and son, David—h888皇冠app下载’s COO and co-managing partner, respectively. Managing partner Amy Salo joined the firm in 2021. As h888皇冠app下载 continues to grow, we delight in seeing many of our advisors work alongside their sons and daughters—a source of multi-generational advice that’s bolstered by both technical expertise and lived experiences.

Success begets success, and values attract the valuable. h888皇冠app下载 boasts more than a hundred financial professionals and three locations. We’re especially proud of our unwavering commitment to the values we were founded on—respect, integrity, and loyalty—as well as our enthusiastic adoption of today’s newest and most innovative ideas. While we serve many more clients now than we did in our early days, we approach each new relationship, whether client or advisor, with the same values and care.

A warm and rich mosaic of people. When asked what sets us apart, advisors and clients alike point to h888皇冠app下载’s inclusive, relationship-driven atmosphere. Here, advisors are given the tools to excel on their own terms, and are surrounded by industry standouts who champion their colleagues’ success and client impact. That so many of our advisors describe h888皇冠app下载 as their “home away from home” speaks volumes—and proves that camaraderie, trust, and respect lie at the heart of our people-centered heritage.